Problem with ImagePullSecrets on local-kubernetes ...
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Hello, I am running into an issue when setting up the imagePullSecrets for the local-kubernetes provider. I have followed the documentation and have correctly created a kubernetes secret that contains the registry configuration. I have then gone ahead and referenced it in the provider configuration as such:
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- name: local-kubernetes
  setupIngressController: false
    - name: github-ocr-secret
      namespace: default
When I go to deploy my helm chart that I have pushed to my private registry (GitHub container registry), I receive the following error message:
Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: GET "<my-org>/charts/rust/tags/list": GET "<my-org>%2Fcharts%2Frust%3Apull&": unexpected status code 401: unauthorized: authentication required
I have tried refreshing the provider status and reinstalling Garden, but so far none of these efforts have made any effect. I've provided the helm deployment and the output of the kubernetes secret with the registry configuration as reference as well below:
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Kubernetes secret:
Name:         github-ocr-secret
Namespace:    default
Labels:       <none>
Annotations:  <none>


.dockerconfigjson: {"auths":{"":{"username":"<MY_GITHUB_USERNAME>","password":"<MY_GITHUB_PAT>","email":"<MY_EMAIL>","auth":"<MY_AUTH>"}}}
And I generated this secret using the following
kubectl command: kubectl create secret docker-registry mysecretname --docker-server= --docker-username=mygithubusername --docker-password=mygithubreadtoken --docker-email=mygithubemail
And here is the format of the helm deploy:
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kind: Deploy
type: helm
name: test-deploy
    url: oci://<my-org>/charts/rust # Private chart
    replicas: 1
      repository:<my-org>/rust # Private Image
      tag: main
    name: rust
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this over. Regards, Price
Hi @swift-spring-8620 , the
is used in the Kubernetes cluster to push container images if used with in-cluster building or to pull images when deploying pods. A helm chart is pulled on your local machine by garden and then applied with helm. This means you need to be authenticated to the private OCI registry from your local machine e.g. via
helm registry login
. Does that help?
@freezing-pharmacist-34446 question seems silly now, seemed as there was a significant gap in my understanding. Thank you so much for the response, it cleared up my issue and also added to my understanding.