Failed - Error: ErrImagePull
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I'm trying to evaluate garden on my mac with local minikube+docker and the web-app-example. Everything was running quite well with the ephemeral cluster but when I switched to local minikube, the api deploy fails: Pod api-54c7c6555f-nsldg: Pulling - Pulling image "api:v-69ba2ce52e" Pod api-54c7c6555f-nsldg: Failed - Failed to pull image "api:v-69ba2ce52e": Error response from daemon: pull access denied for api, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: requested access to the resource is denied Pod api-54c7c6555f-nsldg: Failed - Error: ErrImagePull Pod api-54c7c6555f-nsldg: BackOff - Back-off pulling image "api:v-69ba2ce52e" Pod api-54c7c6555f-nsldg: Failed - Error: ImagePullBackOff The requested image was built successfully and appears when running 'docker images': REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE web v-6ca0a530c7 def40bee863b 5 hours ago 241MB api v-69ba2ce52e 54f0061b2ee2 6 hours ago 476MB v0.0.44 648c6affc8e4 7 weeks ago 1.17GB Thanks in advance.
Hi @rapid-jordan-1659 , this is a known issue with minikube. Can you try to follow the instructions here and see if that helps?