helm action type not available
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Hello, I'm new to Garden.
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Unrecognized action type 'helm' (kind 'Deploy', defined at garden/keycloak.garden.yaml). Are you missing a provider configuration?

Currently available 'Deploy' action types: 'container', 'exec', 'terraform'
My garden config deploys to local docker-desktop fine. When I try to deploy to a remote baremetal k8s cluster, I get the above error. Kubectl & Lens can reach the remote cluster (thru an ssh tunnel) normally. Do I need to install something on the remote cluster? Halp! Thanks
Hi @stale-nest-1352, Garden doesn't need to install anything in the cluster, my assumption is that there could be a configuration error somewhere. Would you be so kind to paste your garden config for the project and the actions, so we can take a look and/or reproduce the error? Of course please remove any sensitive information.
Sorry for the delayed response; i looked at my git from when I asked the question, but it's not clear what I did to get around this. What I remember is I had some misconfiguration in the provider, so it wasn't properly getting that the kubernetes provider info. Like I changed the labels linking environments and providers and made a mistake.
Gotcha, well I am glad you somehow figured it out. If you think there's something we could have done better in terms of docs/explaing the error/etc. please let us know so we can improve in those areas. 🙂