Examine the following garden manifest:```yamlkind:...
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@microscopic-river-74022 Examine the following garden manifest:
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kind: Deploy
type: kubernetes
name: cockroach-db
  - deploy.cockroach-setup
  namespace: kraken-${environment.namespace}
    - database.yml
    - name: webui
      resource: Service/cockroachdb
      targetPort: 8080
      localPort: 8999
This deploy attempts to create the portForwards before the crd resource it's deploying (a StatefulSet) is deployed. Thus it spams my console with errors until the service is up. How do I prevent this?
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---------------------- Based on the Garden documentation, the
configuration in your manifest is used to manually specify port forwards that Garden should set up when deploying in dev or watch mode. If specified, these override the auto-detection of forwardable ports, so you'll need to specify the full list of port forwards to create. However, the documentation does not provide a direct solution to prevent the console from being spammed with errors when the service is not up yet. It seems that this behavior is inherent to how Garden sets up port forwarding. One possible workaround could be to ensure that the service is up before deploying the
. This could potentially be achieved by using Garden's dependencies feature to ensure that the service is deployed before the
are set up. However, this would likely require restructuring your Garden configuration and possibly splitting the service deployment and port forwarding into separate modules. For more specific guidance, you may want to reach out to the Garden community or support. They may be able to provide more detailed advice based on their knowledge of the tool's internals and best practices. Sources: - Garden Kubernetes Deploy Documentation () - Garden Helm Deploy Documentation () ---------------------- Note: you can ask me a follow up question by @ mentioning me again :speech_balloon: ----------------------
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