Why is it that any time I run `cleanup deploy` it ...
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@microscopic-river-74022 Why is it that any time I run
cleanup deploy
it deletes my namespace??
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---------------------- The
cleanup deploy
command in Garden is designed to clean up (i.e., un-deploy) the specified deployments or services. If no arguments are provided, it cleans up all deployments/services in the project. This could potentially include your namespace if it's part of the deployments/services in your project. Here's how you can use the command:
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garden cleanup deploy [names] [options]
are the names of the deployments or services you want to delete. If you don't specify any names, all deployed services in the project will be deleted. There are also options you can use with this command. For example, the
option allows you to clean up deployments or services in reverse dependency order. This means if service-a depends on service-b, service-a will be deleted before service-b. Please note that this command does not take into account any deployments depending on the cleaned up actions, and might therefore leave the project in an unstable state. Running
garden deploy
after will re-deploy anything missing. If you want to specifically clean up a namespace, you should use the
cleanup namespace
command instead. This command deletes a running namespace and cleans up everything deployed in the specified environment. Here's how you can use it:
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garden cleanup namespace [options]
Please refer to the Garden documentation () for more details. ---------------------- Note: you can ask me a follow up question by @ mentioning me again :speech_balloon: ----------------------
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