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@microscopic-river-74022 how to provide ingresses in spec with proper tls certificate
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---------------------- To provide ingresses in the spec with a proper TLS certificate, you need to follow these steps: 1. **Create a TLS Certificate**: You can use a tool like mkcert () to generate a local certificate for development. After installing mkcert, you can generate a certificate with a command like
mkcert '*'
. Remember to replace '' with your preferred hostname. 2. **Create a Kubernetes Secret with your Certificate**: Once you have your certificate and key, you need to create a Kubernetes Secret that can be referenced when deploying services. You can do this with a command like
kubectl create secret tls mydomain-tls-secret --key <path-to-key-file> --cert <path-to-crt-file>
. Replace '' and '' with the paths to your key and certificate files respectively. 3. **Configure the Certificate in Garden**: In your Garden configuration, you can specify one or more certificates to use for ingress under the
field. The type for this field is
, and it is not required by default. 4. **Specify Ingresses in the Spec**: In the spec for your container deployment, you can list the ingress endpoints that your service exposes under the
field. This field is also of type
and is not required by default. You can also attach annotations to the ingress under the
field. Here is an example of how you might specify ingresses in the spec:
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 - path: /api
   port: http
   annotations: '0'
In this example, an ingress is specified for the path '/api' on the port 'http'. An annotation is also attached to the ingress.
Sources: - Local TLS example project () - Kubernetes-plugins > Remote-k8s > 3. Set Up Ingress, TLS and DNS () - Reference > Providers > kubernetes > Configuration Keys >
() - Reference > Action-types > Deploy > container Deploy > Configuration Keys >
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