bonsai and persistentvolumeclaims
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Wondering if anyone has had success using bonsai with persistentvolumeclaim module configs in their project. It looks like every one of ours is resulting in the error “Could not find Build action ” The goal here is to gradually migrate so ideally I won’t need to convert all volume claim modules into actions in order to get past this error.
By any chance are you using this action and reusing it with the Deploy action?
Technically I am not using any actions (directly). I’m trying to run all the existing modules I’ve got as a first step. So I’ve got a persistentvolumeclaim type of module and then I’ve got container modules that list the volume claim under their volumes key.
Oh. I get it, you are just trying to deploy with the new Binary (keeping your old syntax with 0.12)
Well, I’ve made the breaking changes listed to move to version 1 of the syntax, but I haven’t converted any of my modules to actions yet.
(My project specifies apiVersion:
So; right now what is failing is trying to use a
that was created previously with 0.12 and I guess you are trying to reference it in a container
oh no. Any of your modules are actions yet.
So; everything is the same from 0.12 but you changed all the deprecations/breaking changes; and trying to deploy with Bonsai fails with
“Could not find Build action <volume-claim-name>”
How much of a hard lift would it be to share some example snippets with us to facilitate the debugging process?
Definitely a tad more work than posting here in Discord but I wondered if this would be a new one for y’all. I’ll try to reproduce this minimally and share the project config.
I’m trying a couple more things first to see if this is related to me already having a 0.12 deploy up.
That gave me some interesting information. I deleted my namespace in k8s and then did a
garden deploy --force-refresh
and although I got some of the same pvc errors I got about 1/10th as many as before.
Oh, right, because it wasn’t able to resolve later modules with dependencies that hadn’t deployed yet so it only errored out for the first wave of modules (those with no dependencies).
Thanks a lot! I’ll try to deploy this on my end and share with the team, maybe @calm-family-29323 you could take a look into this one once you start your day?
yeah this looks just like a bug in our module->action conversion logic, I'll be on it once I start my working day
Thank you both!
Not that I’d expect a rapid fix, but should I keep an eye out here for updates in this or would you rather I create a GitHub issue that I can keep an eye on?
Hey, sorry for taking so long on this one; please feel free to create a Github Issue so we can prioritize it as this indeed looks like a bug! Cc @swift-garage-61180 looks like the conversion logic
Sorry this took so long but the fix is in review via and will be soon available on the edge branch
No worries. I appreciate the follow-up in this thread to let me know about the fix PR. Thanks!
I’ll mark this resolved unless y’all want to wait for a release. I’ve confirmed the fix against my project!
Thanks a lot @mammoth-kilobyte-41764 & @calm-family-29323 this is good to be resolved! 🙂