Run tests on an existing Pod
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Hey! I might be missing something, but Garden is currently always creating a new Pod and running the tests on it. I would like to run integration tests on an existing Pod.Is there a way to achieve this? Here is a snippet from my helm module:
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  - name: integration
    dependencies: [secrets, ic-be-helm-ci-integration]
    disabled: ${ !var.integration }
    timeout: 600
    - /bin/sh
    - '-c'
    - 'python test instance_api/tests/integration --keepdb'
        layer: backend
        type: controller
        app: lex
UPDATE: I read the documentation and determined that this is the intended behaviour. I still would like to know though, if there is a way to bypass this behaviour? This is particularly important as tests currently do not copy volumeMounts(, which makes the test pods unusable for me :(. Alternatively, a quick/dirty fix for the volumeMount problem would also be appreciated. For now Im juste gonna use kubectl exec.
kubectl exec in a local exec task is exactly how I’ve been handling this as well