Garden Bonsai Task output verbosity
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Hey y'all one question! With Garden acorn (0.12) I was able to see the logs of the tasks/tests that I was running but when using the Garden 0.13 CLI I only see that they succeeded.
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✔ build.api-image → Done (took 100 sec)
ℹ run.tests                 → Running tests (type container) at version v-69e29a1691...
✔ run.tests                 → Done (took 103.3 sec)
Is it possible to have the output of the whole tests running? Or at least the last output of the command:
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1649 tests complete (8 skipped)
Test duration: 40526 ms
Assertions count: 3346 (verbosity: 2.03)
Coverage: 100.00%
Thank you!
@swift-garage-61180 I remember you used to have a branch that did the output for all the Bonsai task in a really beautiful way did you ended up merging it?