fatal: detected dubious ownership in repository at...
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Hi I have a github actions CI work flow that runs garden deploy the garden version is 0.13.14 and i receive the following error:
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Unexpected Git error occurred while running 'git status' from path "/usr/local/bin/static". Exit code: 128. Error message: fatal: detected dubious ownership in repository at '/usr/local/bin/static'
the garden command is running inside a custom image i have built specifically for CI. Additionally i have this same image being used in gitea as well which does not throw an error. I suspect it has something to do with it running in a github environment(potentially need to chmod something in the dev container) but due to the fact that its still running within a custom built image I find that somewhat hard to believe. The error suggests that
git config --global --add safe.directory /usr/local/bin/static
fixes the issue however that just produces an error saying that the working directory is not a git repository. I'm not entirely sure this is a garden issue but i would need some help to determine if its my setup or garden. Thanks
Hi @wide-flag-41451 this is just the nature of Git: especially in containers, mixed ownership of files is common and Git dislikes this. I thought we had gotten rid of the Git directory Garden installs in more recent versions. I'd first try and pull in the latest binary but you can also do as I did and simply curl in Garden to your image declared in your Dockerfile. See https://gitlab.hansen.agency/worldofgeese/little_bits_of_buddha/-/blob/main/prebuild-devcontainer/Dockerfile?ref_type=heads#L49
ty , i got aorund the issue by chown the git directory to root
Great! Just FYI we did in fact get rid of the static directory back in 0.13.20 https://github.com/garden-io/garden/releases/tag/0.13.20
So no workarounds should be necessary if you use the latest garden