error: failed to solve: failed to read dockerfile:...
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Not sure if this error has been reported or discussed already, although I can't find an obvious issue in Github for it. We just started seeing this error in 0.13.23 once starting to use Garden again in the new year. I did not get the error on 0.13.18, but it seems to have started around 0.13.20. I'll continue bisecting and trying to dive into what is causing it. Affecting MacOS both ARM and Intel so far.
Oh, should have mentioned, it seems to be happening around the sync part of the process. I looked around in the cluster buildkit container and saw the directories for the services, but they were mostly empty. So perhaps a Mutagen syncing issue?
Hmm, could it be that
garden update-remote all
was running automatically in previous versions and now is not?
Nope that's not it. I can see the full checked-out code locally in
and can definitely see the Dockerfile there. The only thing that resembles something alarming is this:
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Your Garden project path looks too long, that might cause errors while starting the syncs. Garden will create a new directory to manage syncs at path: /Users/ohookins/.garden/mutagen/3fa0996a0
But presumably that is to work around a problem that then should result in it working? Not sure what constitutes a too-long path, but my Garden project root directory path is only 50 characters.
Yeah, just checking the
directory of the buildkit pod, there are directories for all of the services but they are all empty. Seems like the mutagen sync is not working.
While Garden is electing to use an alternate directory to sync contents over to the cluster, I don't see it copying or moving things from the project .garden directory over to that alternate mutagen sync directory, so nothing ends up in the cluster.
Moved the whole project directory to
which is the shortest path I can really manage without being silly on this machine. It is still warning about the project path being too long.
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ℹ build.gateway [debug] → Syncing 0 files from .garden/sources/action/build.gateway--a3057b675c to .garden/build/gateway (and removing any extraneous files)
this is kinda interesting
With 0.13.18:
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ℹ build.gateway [debug] → Syncing 57 files from .garden/sources/action/build.gateway--a3057b675c to .garden/build/gateway (and removing any extraneous files)
0.13.19 seems to work, the regression appears to have started in 0.13.20
Seems to be caused by the git scan mode being
rather than
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ℹ graph [silly]        → Exclude globs: foo, **/.garden/**/*
Can't remove that default exclude glob 😦
Thanks for reporting this as a bug, @flat-state-47578. The bug report is available at