GitHub issue #5442 not fixed by 0.13.22 release
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What is the status of this? Thanks
Hi @acoustic-laptop-79795! Unfortunately, we did not address that issue in the latest release. We tried a quickfix but it didn't help. It looks like there is a bug that breaks the
library while construction of Garden the single app binary. We need to take a closer look to fix the original issue and make the highlighting work. I'll try one quickfix, that would fallback to non-highlighted yaml output. It wouldn't make the UX better, but it would avoid crashes and remove the usage blocker. Feel free to follow the issue updates on GitHub. I hope it will be assigned to someone soon.
There is a PR with a quickfix to fallback to non0highlighted output: - it waiting for review.
@curved-intern-91221 Thank you. Looking forward to the release of the fix.
My pleasure 🙂 We'll do the release next week.
@acoustic-laptop-79795 you can already try the fixed version by running
garden self-update edge-bonsai
Thank you. I am able to use the edge version.