Container module gets rebuilt when ignor...
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@curved-intern-91221 Thank for flagging this. I'm kind of surprised this isn't already covered by unit tests, but we should investigate & fix ASAP. I think this should be relatively straightforward. Do you feel like having a go yourself, or should we find someone else?
For one reason or another, our current unit tests for includes & excludes for
  aren't covering the case you encountered.
@swift-garage-61180 I havent; chcked the tests yet. Now I'm looking into another issue -
It looks like we dont pss the right var context to the template string resolver when we load pulumi varfiles. I think I'll need some help with that task too
Ok cool, I'm happy to pair on that tomorrow if you like
Should I put something in our calendars?
Is the problem that
is not available when resolving template strings in Pulumi varfiles?
Essentially, what we need here is to pass a different config context when initialising the plugin context for the Pulumi plugin commands—a config context that includes the
key (and
, while we're at it).
This config context determines the template variables available when the plugin (here: Pulumi) resolves template strings using
@swift-garage-61180 thanks! I've created a calendar event, tomorrow at 1pm. Pls lmk if it doesn't work for you