Escaping template strings not working Ā· ...
# šŸ’»ļ½œcontributing
@chilly-gigabyte-83853 turns out the issue we saw with the non resolving template strings is a known issue
@polite-fountain-28010 spend some time on this a couple of months ago.
I feel like this needs some prioritisation, since it creates very unreliable behavior.
Yeah, I agreeā€”should be a simple fix too. Unit-testable.
> Garden doesn't eat the dollar. Maybe this only happens in the free tier šŸ˜† Haha
I looked into the non working escaping and I tracked it down to the template parser itself doing something wrong
It doesn't recognize the tokens properly in some situations
It was confusing enough that I gave up eventually, but maybe for someone who understands the template string parser well it'll be an easier task