hey , is there a garden command to show me all po...
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hey @microscopic-river-74022 , is there a garden command to show me all port-forwards i have currently going on?
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---------------------- I'm sorry, but based on the information provided in the extracts, there doesn't appear to be a specific Garden command that lists all active port forwards. However, there is a feature request for such a command on the Garden GitHub page here (). In the meantime, you can manually specify port forwards that Garden should set up when deploying in dev or watch mode. This is done through the
configuration key in the module configuration file. If specified, these override the auto-detection of forwardable ports, so you'll need to specify the full list of port forwards to create. You can find more information about this in the Garden documentation here () and here (). Please note that the
configuration key includes
subkeys. The
is the preferred local port to forward from. If none is set, a random port is chosen. If the specified port is not available, a warning is shown and a random port chosen instead. The
is the port number on the remote resource to forward to. ----------------------
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