Quickstart with Docker Desktop
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Has anyone managed to successfully complete the quickstart-example using docker-desktop on ubuntu? The code on github appears to be broken as it appears to fail with Python Flask errors
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ImportError: No module named abc
which then triggers
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BackOff - Back-off restarting failed container app
@salmon-author-28515welcome back to the server, Ed! Hope we didn't scare you off the first time šŸ˜…. #1044642930075373588 is where these kinds of questions should be going. #dev is for questions and conversation that aren't support related. I will look into reproducing your error but in the meantime, do you mind writing this up as a post and I'll respond to yout heree?
Late to the party, was out on holiday. I saw the same issue when the Dockerfile for the API had an outdated Python version. AFAICT the version had been updated when you posted your issue @salmon-author-28515. I bumped again by some patch releases for good measure. I tested this on docker-desktop on my end and it runs fine. Any chance you could give it another spin?