What are the plans for `garden-system` namespace?
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namespace deprecated and planned to be removed? As I see garden can work without this ns. I want to deploy some custom resources to this namespace and want to know beforehand what will Garden do with it in future.
Still waiting for help 🙂
Sorry @silly-accountant-45583, it seems like @quaint-dress-831 is on vacation until next week, thsi might have made that the answers are delayed. https://discord.com/channels/817392104711651328/1134139898174116023 About your question, I think there where some conversations about removing
namespce in the future, but nothing solid at the moment, maybe @chilly-gigabyte-83853 or @ancient-diamond-80011 have a little bit more context about it. For now, I would move forward with anything you would like to do with the ns though
Terribly sorry for the delay in answering 🙇‍♂️ and thanks @bright-policeman-43626 for the reply and pinging us! As mentioned above, there have been no concrete plans for the removal of
namespace. Yes, garden can be made to work without it as well - but you might be missing some features or need to implement those in another way (e.g. ingresses). But no plans for removal as of yet 👍
Thank you so much! This is all I wanted to know 👍