deploy with local mode errors: `Invalid count valu...
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Hi folks! Since recently some of our developers sporadically hit a generic error
Invalid count value
when deploying with local mode.
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$ garden deploy --local bex-os

Scanning repository at /Users/xxxx/IdeaProjects/bex-os

Invalid count value
Scanning repository at /Users/xxxx/IdeaProjects/bex-umbrella
Scanning repository at /Users/xxxx/IdeaProjects/bex-umbrella/.garden/sources/project/bexapp--accbe12695
Scanning repository at /Users/xxxx/IdeaProjects/bex-umbrella/.garden/sources/project/bom-app--fc03d112c9
Scanning repository at /Users/xxxx/IdeaProjects/bex-umbrella/.garden/sources/project/bom--493b1ac2ed
Scanning repository at /Users/xxxx/IdeaProjects/bex-os

$ echo $?
When deploying without the
flag, the problem does not occur. Most of the time, the problem does not occur. However, when it occurs, it keeps occurring until the next day. I'm still trying to reproduce this issue but so far had no luck, since it never occurs on my machine. All our devs are using OSX - I'm on linux. I grepped the garden codebase for the error string and as well only parts of it but couldn't find any sensible matching occurrence. It might come from a `RangeError`: Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any ideas what the problem could be?
I've grepped through the codebase looking for
and found that the logging module could be causing this issue. Maybe the problem only occurs with a certain window width. 🤔
I was able to figure out the root cause of the
Invalid count value
bug. It happens when running a
garden deploy --local ...
command in a terminal which is too narrow. I can reproduce the issue with a terminal width of =98 characters width the issue does not occur. I'll open an issue
@brief-dawn-88958 Thank you for digging into this. Definitely looks like a bug. Would be great if you could open the issue and we'll triage that. 👍