Since we might be doing a hackathon soon, I though...
# 💻|contributing
Since we might be doing a hackathon soon, I thought I'd point out how simple and intuitive it's become to write new plugins with the new plugin system (which is an early iteration of what will become a public-facing plugin SDK). Check out these two files from the Docker Compose plugin that was submitted for review yesterday: Thanks to Zod, we no longer have to separately write interfaces to go with the schemas (which was an endless source of paper cuts with Joi). Defining action types and adding the handlers is also really simple now. The whole thing is starting to feel a lot more like writing a library for Garden than contributing to the internals of Garden (which is what it's felt like to write plugins in the past). We're getting to a place where writing amazing plugins is quite frictionless! Mapping the domain and writing the logic is always work, but there's very little ceremony involved now.