hey can I disable `--set \.garden.mode` in the he...
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hey @microscopic-river-74022 can I disable
--set \.garden.mode
in the helm deploy action
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---------------------- Based on the information provided in the extracts, there is no direct mention of disabling
--set \.garden.mode
in the helm deploy action. However, Garden does provide a way to disable actions or tests. You can disable actions by setting
disabled: true
in the action config file. You can also disable it conditionally using template strings. For example:
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kind: Deploy
description: Postgres container for storing voting results
type: helm
name: db
disabled: ${environment.name == "prod"}
In this example, the action is disabled if the environment name is "prod". For more specific information about disabling
--set \.garden.mode
in the helm deploy action, you may want to refer to the official Garden documentation or their GitHub issues page. Sources: - Garden Documentation - Using Garden Actions () - Garden Documentation - Conftest Helm () ----------------------
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