Hi All, I'm new here, to everything. and I was wondering, does garden have integration with soapUI?
Hey @microscopic-river-74022 does garden have integration with soapUI?
Let me check the knowledge base for you. One moment! :books:
---------------------- Hmm, I don't know enough to give you a confident answer yet. However, you can explore the Garden documentation to see if it supports integration with soapUI: ----------------------
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@fresh-notebook-66044 based on https://www.soapui.org/getting-started/soap-test/ it looks like SoapUI is UI-driven (hence the name I suppose). If SoapUI offers a CLI binary, you'd be able to use it in a
action without any special integration required but if it's UI-only, we don't support this.
I think it also depends on the use case; if you want to use it to test your REST APIS deployed by Garden, you should be able to, as you will have an ingress locally and can point your test suite to that API that you deploy with Garden, Tools like Postman offer a CLI-based option like
, but I'm unsure if SoapUI provides a similar option! --- Our bot can't answer on topics it is not trained on, but still, it was worth seeing the answer from it.
@quaint-dress-831 @bright-policeman-43626 thank you