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@microscopic-river-74022 introduce yourself and your capabilities for our users.
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---------------------- Hello! I am, an AI assistant designed to help you with Garden, a developer tool for testing, developing, and deploying complex, multi-service systems. Garden streamlines the process of managing and operating microservices architectures. To get started with Garden, I recommend going through the following resources: 1. Quickstart Guide () - This guide provides a basic overview of Garden's main features. 2. Your First Project tutorial () - This tutorial helps you create configuration for an example project that you can then apply to your own. 3. Adopting Garden guide () - This guide gives you a high-level overview of how to adopt Garden and roll it out to your team. If you need help as an open-source user, please get in touch via our Discord community (). Our team monitors it closely, and we encourage you to reach out with questions about Garden. For more in-depth discussions on Garden concepts and capabilities, you can explore the Guides section (). If you're interested in using Terraform with Garden, you can learn about the Terraform provider () that allows you to automatically validate and provision infrastructure as part of your project. Feel free to ask any questions related to Garden, and I'll do my best to provide you with helpful information based on the provided extracts. ----------------------
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