Getting odd error in Github Actions trying to depl...
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Getting this odd error:
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Unable to run docker command: An error occurred while trying to run '/github/home/.garden/tools/docker/e9744f1ea7f84408/docker/docker' (spawn /github/home/.garden/tools/docker/e9744f1ea7f84408/docker/docker ENOENT). Please make sure '/github/home/.garden/tools/docker/e9744f1ea7f84408/docker/docker' is installed and in the $PATH.
Upgrading our Github actions build pipeline which pushes to Google Artifact Registry and deploys to GKE. This worked very well for over 2 years using 0.12. Somehow after upgrading to 0.13, I'm getting the above error. That seems like a garden managed path so not sure why the docker executable is missing? Could this be a cached path from 0.12 somehow? Any help appreciated! Using
as the build container.
This turned out to be Google Artifact Repository permissions issue -
helped me figure that out. Not a garden issue at all.
Glad to hear @eager-yacht-45658, feel free to reach out if you have any other question or issue! 🙂