Debugging template variables
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Is there an easy way to debug a) what variables are available and b) what is the value (recursively) of a variable in a given template?
Can you clarify what you mean by available variables? In Module Templates or templating variables with Garden's built-in helpers? If Module Templates, do you want the values of a provided JSON Schema?
I haven't used our Module Templates (yet) so I'd need to pull down our example and play with it if that's what you're referring to
sorry, but by template I meant a garden.yaml file or a kubernetes file, that is parsed and processed as a template (and definitely not module templates, we havent' played with that either)
the docs say: > Note that while this syntax looks similar to template strings in Javascript, we don't allow arbitrary JS expressions. See the next section for the available expression syntax. fair enough, but I haven't found anything about how I could inspect a variable, so that I can discover what field are available at any given context. How do devs do this? (should I just ask in the dev channel?)
#dev is for dev talk on Garden OSS (which you're very welcome to take part in but I'd like to keep concerns separate). I'll escalate. If you can provide a specific example of the variable you're trying to inspect, that'd be super helpful 🙂
How pressing is this? Are you ok waiting until Tuesday when we meet to have an answer?
Not pressing atm. I was specifically looking at
, but I'm more interested in the method, then the result (want to learn how to fish)