Any access to taints, tolerations, or affinities v...
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I have a project for which it would be a pain to convert all of my services using the container module type to k8s module type simply to specify which nodes the pods are scheduled on. Is there any exposure of tolerations/affinity on the container module type or any plans for this? Is there an alternative way to do this?
nodeSelector even. If I could even be explicit about which pods go where, it would work.
This has been a pain point for us using open source core for almost a year now.
container is meant to be extremely simple, if you want kube features you gotta use the kube module
Hey @fresh-yak-35965 I'm so sorry, I completely understand your frustration. Unfortunately as @mammoth-flag-56137 said the Container module is actually meant to be a simple solution to deploy your containers to a K8s cluster. However, a lot of users are using the container module and I think a
feature request
for this specific feature you need would be something really good, at the moment the developers are working really hard as they just shipped Garden Bonsai (0.13). But I think they would love to see if you could create that feature request for it and maybe we can get it prioritized to have a timeline (depending on how hard would be to add those configs). As far of a
for this one, you can either use the Kubernetes module or my personal favorite (Helm module). Doing a base chart is a quite simple task and really beneficial as it adds a lot of customization to your deployments manifests (and garden allows templating/overriding values with Helm and Garden manifests) which is a really powerful solution.
sorry if this is too futuristic, but as I was reading this I was wondering, how far we are from: garden, please generate a fully configurable helm chart based on my container module so that I can use it as a helm module...
maybe I should ask our new friend, GPT 🙂
Garden kind of does that internally, from a single YAML configuration it gives out back the manifests for a fully working container, not bad for a feature request!❤️
I just wrote up a quick feature request for this since we've had a few customers asking about it recently as well:
Thanks a lot for creating that, @fresh-yak-35965 would you mind giving it a +1 and adding your pain-points to it?❤️ thanks a lot
Definitely. Thanks for the discussion all. I’ll contribute to the GitHub issue.
I said my piece in the issue.
Thank you!❤️