Webhooks for garden events

Is there any plan to add webhooks for garden events?

In particular, we’d like to have a better handle on how long certain build / deploy steps are taking, and while clearly the garden binary has that information (and outputs into the stdout), it would be way more convenient if we could hook into that (heh) easier, and construct traces from that. Something similar to this gitlab issue, but on the garden level.

Hi Tomas!

Thanks for asking.

This sounds a lot like a problem that Garden Cloud solves with its newly released “Insights” functionality.

In general, Garden Cloud collects data (logs, durations, results) from all Garden actions, makes it accessible in the UI and generates insights based on it.

We’ll also be adding functionality to Garden Core to output this data at the end of command runs and utility commands to read it on an ad-hoc basis.

I think there’s a lot of interesting automation you can build on top of that.

One example would be sending the data to other systems for processing.

Another example would be adding a simple CI test that errors if the results indicate a performance regression. The test could e.g. fail if a given build takes, say, 50% longer than average.

If this sounds like it could be useful to you we’d be happy to hop on a call and discuss further. The Cloud product has seen quite a lot of improvements in these past few months :slight_smile: