Use of local environment variables on development maschine


i have environment variables set in my local development maschine.

Im trying to access it via local.env in garden.project.yml

but all im getting is this

Could not find key MY_KEY under local.env.

trying to access it with ${local.env.MY_KEY}

before i did "export MY_KEY=someValue

but it is never available for garden

Thanks for reporting this over on GitHub Issues! Were you able to resolve this or have a repo I can use to reproduce?

@FBurner please make sure that you export your env variable before you run a Garden process.
Something like this should work:

> export MY_KEY='someValue'
> garden deploy

We’ve just verified that with our demo-project by modifying the line 27 to command: ["sh", "-c", "echo ${local.env.MY_KEY}"]

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