Upcoming Event: Kubernetes Day Two Panel on Wed, Feb 17th

Garden co-founder @JonEdvald will be participating in a virtual panel hosted by DevOps Berlin on Wednesday, February 17th at 1:00pm Central European Time.

The topic is “Kubernetes Day Two”, and panelists will be exploring all of the things you have to think about after your company has adopted Kubernetes, from developer productivity, to testing, to making sure your team has the right skills and training.

Registration is free, and the event will take place on Zoom: Kubernetes Day Two [Webinar] Tickets | Eventbrite

Below is the complete description from the event page. Please join us if you can!

Having previously explored the benefits and concerns surrounding the initial adoption of Kubernetes in past events, what actually happens once your company has taken the plunge and embraced K8s?

In our next webinar in association with Garden, we will seek to shine a light on ‘Kubernetes Day Two’ - what the practical, day-to-day working life of a Kubernetes team looks like, and how that might be for your business.

A roundtable discussion chaired by Mike Dwyer of Amsource, our expert panel currently consists of Jon Edvald (CEO & Co-Founder, Garden), Mauricio Salatino (Principal Software Engineer, Camunda) and Mislav Stipetic (CEO & Co-Founder, Magic Sandbox), with each uniquely placed to provide fantastic insight.

An interactive session, we will be encouraging our attendees to ask questions and participate in real time, to ensure that we have a fully formed conversation that ticks all boxes and touches all possible bases. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Hi all, a quick update: the recording of the Kubernetes Day Two panel is now live on YouTube: