Sunsetting of Discourse and Slack 🚨

We’re moving to Discord!

In an effort to streamline our centers of community action, we at have decided to sunset our Discourse and Slack channels with a one month notice from today. Why? Two reasons:

  1. It’s time to leave the nest.

    Our Slack channel is under the auspices of the Kubernetes moderation team and we couldn’t be more grateful for their efforts to make the Slack the warm and welcoming place it is. As we grow and add open source users it’s important we have all the tools we need to (kindly) moderate our community and Discord simply has a better suite of tools for that task.

  2. The posts on Discourse are all GitHub issues.

    Almost universally, the posts on Discourse have already been posted to our GitHub or are GitHub issues in disguise :disguised_face:. In the majority of those, posts already mirrored to GitHub are to add detail or to draw another lane of attention. That’s on us for not circling back to GitHub issues. One effect of sunsetting the Discourse and Slack channels is it gives more time back to our team to ensure those issues are getting the attention they need.

It bears mentioning that we have no community moderators (yet) on our team which means that everyone gets fastidious attention from our truly wondrous OSS devs and SREs.

To recap: we will be closing the Discourse and Slack channels November 14th.

With initiatives already in motion, like bringing our open source development chats into Discord directly, the future of the Garden community is all sunlight. See you there!