[Start Here] Welcome to the Garden support forum (and when to use the forum vs. Slack channel)

Welcome to the Garden support forum, the best place to get help on all things open source Garden. If this is your first visit, you might find it helpful to take a minute to read through this introduction.

Community guidelines

The Garden Community is a welcoming and supportive space, and we require all forum users to adhere to our community guidelines.

Support forum vs. Slack channel

This support forum is the best place to get help, ask questions, and generally learn how to get the most out of Garden.

All forum content is publicly available. You can read posts without registering. In order to create a new post or reply to an existing post, however, you’ll need to sign up.

If you’ve been a part of the Garden community for awhile, you can think of the forum as the next iteration of the #garden Slack channel.

That said, we still monitor the Slack channel and respond to questions there, and we won’t be getting rid of Slack.

We think Slack and a forum can complement each other nicely, and Slack can be useful for:

  • The ability to send DMs to ask questions in private. If you’d like to get in touch with the Garden team, my username in Slack is “Mike Winters”, and you can also find our CEO Jon with the Slack username “Jon Edvald” or our CTO Eythor with the Slack username “Eythor Magnusson”.
  • The real-time nature of chat interaction, which can be great fun when two or more folks find themselves in the Slack channel at the same time.
  • Getting an answer to a quick one-off question you haven’t been able to find elsewhere.
  • Because the #garden channel is part of the broader Kubernetes Slack workspace, it’s a good place for users to “stumble upon” Garden.

Why start to move open source support away from Slack?

The Slack channel has worked well enough as a support hub up to this point, but Slack has a number of drawbacks that are becoming more noticeable as the community grows:

  • Slack is best for synchronous communication, and as a globally distributed team working with a globally distributed community, we need a manageable way to communicate asynchronously, too.
  • Slack content isn’t indexable by search engines, which is a big hurdle for discoverability (especially for new users who are searching for Garden resources).
  • Slack search leaves a lot to be desired, so it’s difficult to track down old conversations that might be relevant to an issue. Slack also doesn’t support any sort of categorization or grouping by topic.
  • It’s becoming more difficult for us to keep track of unresolved questions in Slack as we share support duties across our team, especially, for example if a first issue is resolved but then a user raises another separate issue in the same Slack thread.

In short, all of these interesting conversations we’re having about Garden are more or less ephemeral, instead of being stored and organized in a way that allows users to refer to them and learn from them in the future. A forum addresses those issues.

We’ll keep an eye on the Slack channel, but the forum will become the primary place we provide support and answer questions for open source Garden users , and we ask that you post all support-related questions in the forum.

Feature requests and bug reports: please keep using GitHub :slight_smile:

Please continue to create feature requests and bug reports in GitHub. The current system is working well, and so there’s no need to change it.

If you have any general questions or feedback about the forum or community site, please let us know. You can reply directly to this post.