Run Tasks with different image or specify init container

Currently tasks can run arbitrary commands that a container is aware of. Now I want to put setup logic into a task but the container itself (using a Java image) does not contain the respective tooling, it would only be available in a different image (a message queue image). Possibilities are now to have a separate message queue module whose only purpose is to set up the message queue with the appropriate tooling or to enable my Java image to also contain message queue tooling only to allow the task to use said tooling.

Is there a way a task can run based on a different image or can I even specify an init container that would be running on a potentially completely different image than my “main” image?

Hi @jgeiger!

Thanks for writing this up. As it happens, we’ve been discussing this internally for the last couple of weeks.

Would you mind creating a feature request for this on GitHub? Issues · garden-io/garden · GitHub

We can keep the conversation going there.

Thanks again!

Hi there, fantastic, thanks for your quick response - will do!

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