Remote value files for Helm modules

We are trying to find ways to fit Garden into our platform, where it will co-exist with ArgoCD (related post). One of the key blockers we have run into so far, is there does not seem to be support for Helm value files stored in version control (GitHub in our case).

We use an umbrella Helm chart that is re-used across a whole bunch of different bespoke kubernetes applications. The only difference between these apps, in terms of Helm, is their value files.
Both ArgoCD and Garden allow users to store their Helm charts in a GitHub repository, as an alternative to a Helm Chart Registry. This is nice, because it means we don’t need to deal with the added complexity of pushing separate versions of the umbrella chart for each bespoke application into a Chart registry.

We have a monorepo for application manifests, where each application utilizes the umbrella chart, like so:

# some-app/Chart.yaml

apiVersion: v2
name: some-app
version: v0.0.0
  - name: umbrella-chart
    repository: some-repo
    version: 1.2.3

Now, here is where ArgoCD and Garden start to deviate from one another. With ArgoCD, we are allowed to store value files for different environments along with the Chart.yaml file. Eg. dev.yaml, stage.yaml and prod.yaml. In ArgoCD, we can easily configure each application to use the appropriate value file based on what environment we are deploying to.

In Garden, I have attempted to set up a Helm module, fetching the same chart that is being targeted by ArgoCD via the repositoryUrl and chartPath configuration options. Unfortunately, it appears that the environment specific value files are not retrieved into .garden/build/.... As far as I can discern from the documentation, there is no support for remote Helm value files.

Does anyone have a workaround?

If there are no suitable workarounds, do you have any ideas on how to best support remote value files? Perhaps we can toggle which files will be ignored when fetching Helm charts via repositoryUrl? Or maybe it would be better with a more generic remoteFiles config option for all modules, where the individual files specified get fetched and placed under `.garden/build/…?