Release Announcement: Garden 0.12.26

Garden 0.12.26 is out! :tada:

This release includes performance improvements to dev mode, a more flexible logs command and more security options for container modules.

Most importantly, though, it includes a new provider and module type: jib and jib-container! These two make for a best-in-class developer experience when working with Java and containers.

Here are some of the highlights from the release, but please check the release notes for the full list of changes.

Many thanks to @Milad-diconium for his contribution to this release.

Happy hacking!

jib provider and jib-container module type

The jib provider brings support for Jib via the jib module type.

This provider can be used to efficiently build container images for Java services, using a Java-native toolchain to achieve fast, incremental builds—without needing to have Docker running on your dev machine.

Check out the jib-container example to see it in action.

Lighter memory footprint when using dev mode

Dev mode now uses less memory than before during long sessions where lots of files are changing, especially when developing on Linux.

More filtering options for logs command

The new --tag option for the garden logs command can be used to show only log lines that match a given tag, e.g. --tag 'container=foo'.

This is useful e.g. for filtering out log lines from sidecar containers, and generally makes it easier to follow only the containers that are relevant to what you’re working on at the moment.

If multiple filters are specified in a single tag option (e.g. --tag 'container=foo,someOtherTag=bar'), they must all be matched.

If multiple --tag options are provided (e.g. --tag 'container=api' --tag 'container=frontend'), they will be OR-ed together (i.e. if any of them match, the log line will be included).

Glob-style wildcards, can also be used (e.g. --tag 'container=prefix-*').

--forward flag for deploy command

This runs the deploy command as a long lived, persistent process with port forwards enabled without having Garden perform rebuilds/redeploys when sources change.

More security options for container modules

We now make the privileged and capabilities security context fields available in service, test and task configs for container modules.

This adds a degree of flexibility for many use cases.