Release Announcement: Garden 0.12.19

Garden 0.12.19 is out! :tada:

Along with several bug fixes and improvements, this release includes a revamped dashboard UI and top-level environment variables for workflows.

See the changelog in the release notes for a full list of changes.

Many thanks to everyone who’s been providing feedback and suggestions—enjoy!

Dashboard: Look & feel improvements

We’ve moved the nav bar to the top of the window to give the main content more room to breathe. We’ve also made the logs viewer more compact, which makes for easier reading.

Workflow-level environment variables

Environment variables can now be set at the workflow level:

kind: Workflow
name: my-workflow
  MY_ENV_VAR: some-value
  MY_PROJECT_VAR: ${} # Use template strings
  SECRET_ACCESS_TOKEN: ${secrets.SECRET_ACCESS_TOKEN} # Use a Garden Enterprise secret

Workflow-level environment variables like this can be useful e.g. for providing templated values (such as secrets or project variables) to several script steps, or to initialize providers in the context of a CI system.

Note that workflow-level environment variables apply to all steps of a workflow (both command and script steps).

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