Release Announcement: Garden 0.12.18

Garden 0.12.18 is out! :tada:

This release includes several improvements to performance and stability.

Many thanks to everyone who’s been providing feedback and suggestions—enjoy!

Faster init

We’ve made several optimizations to Garden’s initialization logic that should speed things up for many larger projects.

Metadata namespaces are no longer needed

As of this release, Garden no longer needs/creates a metadata namespace alongside the primary namespace it deploys services to.

Improvements to buildkit build mode

Thanks to feedback from the community, we’ve made a few fixes and improvements to the buildkit build mode that we introduced in the last release.

Sparse arrays in config schemas

You can now use undefined or null values in place of real values in many array configuration values, in order to conditionally place values there. Generally, this applies for any array schema that wouldn’t naturally expect null values (which would make the intent ambiguous).

For example, you might do something like:

dependencies: ["service-a", ${var.some-condition ? 'service-b' : null}]

to conditionally include a service dependency.

This adds a lot of flexibility for e.g. conditionally defining dependencies for different environments. We hope you find this useful!

See the changelog in the release notes for the full list of changes introduced in this release.

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