Release Announcement: Garden 0.12.17 (featuring a new build mode)

Hello! Garden 0.12.17 is out. We’re especially excited about a new build mode introduced in this release.

Garden 0.12.17 adds a new cluster-buildkit build mode to the kubernetes provider, which uses the buildkit project.

This build mode works differently from the existing cluster-docker and kaniko build modes, in that it doesn’t require any cluster-wide components.

When configured, a garden-buildkit Deployment with an ephemeral volume is deployed on-demand to the project namespace . This greatly simplifies administration and operation, while still offering a performance benefit compared to kaniko , and it still uses the deployment registry (in-cluster or otherwise) as a shared cache between users/namespaces.

It can also be configured to run in “rootless” mode, i.e. run without elevated privileges. This has some caveats (see the buildkit docs for details) but offers a much improved security profile compared to the privileged Docker and Kaniko builders.

See the in-cluster building guide for more details.

As always, you can find the full list of features and changes in the release notes: