Partial garden deploy

I’m investigating some tools to allow us to develop on the cloud without the need of a full dev-environment always ready. we want an “on demand” environment that we can deploy and kill with a command.
I’m trying to do it with Garden. I saw that there is the “exclude” fields in the Module, but I see that it’s not exists in the Project kind.

We have a Container module, which responsible of building the Docker image based on a Dockerfile.
This container is used as an image for the Helm module that actually deploy our application to the Kubernetes cluster.

For each application we need to pass different arguments to the Dockerfile build, so I’ve created a different garden.yml for each Container module (lets call them garden_image_app1.yml, garden_image_app2.yml).

For each application we want to deploy, I created a Helm module that uses the corresponding image.
garden_helm_app1.yml → uses the garden_image_app1.yml
garden_helm_app2.yml → uses the garden_image_app2.yml

To deploy them all its easy - just doing “garden deploy” from the root directory (that has the") and its building and deploying everything.
But how can I deploy only one of them? I’m sure that it’s possible, I just can’t find the way to do so.


Hi Afik

The deploy command optionally accepts the name of the services as parameters. Something like:

garden deploy service-a,service-b

Note that if e.g. service-a has an upstream dependency on, say, service-c, Garden will automatically deploy service-c if you run garden deploy service-a, except if you use the --skip-dependencies flag.

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Yeah you can do that with these garden by searching for garden shop near me i think this is the easiest method.

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