OpenFaaS does not contain latest templates

It appears that the OpenFaaS provider is not performing faas-cli template pull to update the template repository and therefore does not make available the latest templates that are now better at handing HTTP requests.

Is there a way to tell the provider to update the template repository prior to operating on the function garden manifests? In particular, I need the functionality provided by the node16 language template.

HI Jack

Thanks for the question.

We were in fact planning on deprecating the OpenFaaS plugin (from the core codebase) since it hasn’t seen a lot of usage.

The faas-cli is still on version 0.9.5 and the plugin in general hasn’t been updated in quite a while.

That being said, we’ll be releasing a Plugin SDK in the near future which will allow the community to maintain these kind of plugins.

We don’t have an exact timeline but it would be useful to understand what your use case is and how you’re using OpenFaaS with Garden if you care sharing. To help us prioritise :slight_smile: