Idea: flag on garden deploy to run update-remote all first

Something like

garden deploy --organic

or maybe more somber like

garden deploy --fetch


That makes sense @dave, thanks for the suggestion! I think --fetch or something like that could work.

Just for my education and curiosity, can you explain where the --organic syntax comes from? Haven’t come across that phrasing in this context :slight_smile:

@JonEdvald Sounds good :slight_smile: --organic was mostly a joke. It would be play on words. For your garden you’d want “organic” (i.e. closest to the source) vegetables. Honestly it would probably be too confusing and I like --fetch better.

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Heh ok, that makes sense. I could totally imagine some CLI tool using those semantics, so I was curious, but I do agree that --fetch or something like that would be clearer :slight_smile: