How to start over with docker-desktop local-kubernetes?

I have a bunch of dangling pods and services running in my desktop-docker kubernetes instance from various false-starts with cert manager and module renames. How would I go about cleaning these out? I’m trying to test a full local development configuration for a team so would like to test starting out from scratch to ensure i’ve got it working correctly. Is there a ‘start over’ command that will re-initialize my entire local-kubernetes cluster?


Hi @langfors!

If you need to clean up the garden-system namespace, you can run garden plugins kubernetes cleanup-cluster-registry.

To clean up environments, you can run garden delete environment. Note that this command actually deletes the namespace in an environment. The name is somewhat legacy and we plan to change it an upcoming release.

So if you use templating to create multiple namespaces in a single environment (which is what most users do), the command delete the namespace in the environment that the template string resolves to.

Does that help?

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