Garden + ArgoCD

Hello. I’m about to get started exploring garden.

We run a GitOps stack centered around ArgoCD and Github Actions. Im mainly interested in Garden because we want to give our devs a better alternative to their local machine workflow.

I guess I’m just wondering how Garden would fit with a GitOps setup. Is garden something that only runs in a dev context, completely separate from the Gitops based staging and production clusters / cicd logic, or is it something that can potentially be leveraged alongside ArgoCD in these clusters?

Hi @djfinnoy

My sincere apologies for the late reply. This somehow slipped through the cracks.

But it’s an excellent question!

In short, Garden should work with GitOps and your ArgoCD set-up.

Assuming you already have a CI/CD flow setup with Argo, it would look something like this:

  • You create Garden “modules” that correspond to your resources. Usually a module maps to a Deployment, a Service, and an Ingress (or a single Helm chart).
  • You use Garden in development and CI to automate building, deploying, and testing your stack.
  • You use the garden publish command to push your container images in CI and let Argo take it from there.

All that being said, there’s definitely things we can and want to do to make the process smoother. Both in terms of guides and functionality.

With that in mind, I’d be very curious to hear if you looked into this further and bumped into any issues or limitations.


We are evaluating Garden as part of our development environment.

Like you, we wonder how Garden would fit in a cluster using ArgoCD as the continuous delivery tool.

Have you made any progress with that? Would you mind sharing any ideas or tips about it?

We would greatly appreciate any info you, or anyone else that has been using such scenario, can provide.