Feature Highlight: Module Templates in Garden 0.12.7

This is an excerpt from our October 2020 Community Office Hours webinar where we cover module templates , a new feature in Garden 0.12.7 A recording of the entire webinar is available here.

Module templates enable you to generate modules (or sets of modules) by providing inputs into a predefined template that you create. They can help to reduce repetition in your configuration, keep your configuration consistent across modules (and projects), and simplify maintenance.

In other words, developers will no longer have to deal with complex module YAML and only have to take care of a handful of inputs specific to their applications, and the rest of the boilerplate is abstracted away.

Read more about Module Templates in the documentation: https://docs.garden.io/using-garden/module-templates

The full release notes are here: https://github.com/garden-io/garden/releases/tag/0.12.7