Docker save error on garden build happens on ubuntu 20

This one is kinda odd since it happens only on a test digitalocean droplet with kind running I am using for remote development.

If I run the docker save command manually into a different directory it is working so I believe it’s something with how the droplet is treating this /tmp folder. Is there any way to configure garden to use a different directory for the docker save step?

Any Ideas where to look?
Everything works perfect on my macbook and a virtualbox running ubuntu btw.

it seems “docker save” only runs when using microk8s

So it means auto detecting kind does not work for some reason

Hi @yokiworks

The code you linked to only applies when using the local-kubernetes provider. There’s similar logic for kind here.

However, if you’re using a remote cluster you should be using the “normal” kubernetes provider, not the local one. Is that the case? In fact, would you mind sharing the project level garden.yml configuration (and remove anything sensitive)? It’ll help us debug.

I also notice you’re using the openfaas example, which might be a little dated. In any case we haven’t updated the openfaas plugin in a while.