Define Local Ports for Helm Module

Hi, I am currently updating our Garden project in order to specify the local ports for our development process, this has worked very well for things where we just have a container module.

We have two dependencies which are just public Helm charts which we would like to know the local IP address of when we run in garden deploy -w mode.

After reviewing the documentation the only way I can see of achieving this is to create our own Container Module based on the image that Helm uses with the localPort set up and pass that to the Helm module using serviceResource.containerModule.

It is important that we know what the ports are most likely to be when someone hits F5 in visual studio so that the connections can be pre-configured.

Am I on the right track here or is there a better way of achieving this with Garden?

Hey Dan! As it happens, I was just yesterday looking into how best to set the preferred local port and IP for Helm and Kubernetes modules.

My thinking is that allowing manual specification of port forwards would make most sense. I don’t think your approach would work unfortunately, at a glance, so I think we’ll need to add the feature. But I’m all for doing that.

That would be awesome if you could, it is one of the barriers to wider adoption / the integration of our legacy portal with Garden.

Do you need this raised on GitHub for you to track as a request?

That would be helpful, yes! Thank you :slight_smile:

Done: [FEATURE]: Set localPort for Helm and Kubernetes Modules · Issue #2504 · garden-io/garden · GitHub