Command "git ls-files --ignored ... failed with code 128


I am using garden for multiple projects and I get the following errors on all cicd runs in different github repos without having changed the garden configuration recently

I am using garden 0.12.16. and minikube 1.17.1

Command "git ls-files --ignored --exclude /home/runner/work/data-delivery-backend/data-delivery-backend/.garden --exclude-per-directory .gardenignore" failed with code 128:

Is someone facing the same error? Is it a github actions issue?



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Good afternoon!

Was the following included in the error message, by any chance?

fatal: ls-files -i must be used with either -o or -c

If so, then we’ve just today merged a fix for this (which will be included in our next release). This issue was caused by a breaking change in a recent minor version update of Git (a certain flag which used to be optional became mandatory).

We’re planning to get the release out today or tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can try out the latest edge version:


Yes, this was part of the error message. Sorry for not including it.

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