postStart and preStop lifecycle hooks.
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I have a module of type Kubernetes that is deploying various resources, including a primary StatefulSet. It appears that the postStart hooks defined in the statefulset are not executing. Would there be any Garden-related reason for this?
When manually deployed into a test namespace using kubectl, the hooks execute just fine and if they error you can actually see the errors in the logging. I don't see anything at all in the logs (aggregation) when running via garden.
Thanks for reporting this @fresh-yak-35965! This looks like a bug. Could you file a GitHub issue with a small reproducible example, please?
@curved-intern-91221 Actually, sorry for the delay. They were in fact running, but I just didn't get any logging out of the pre-hook so it appeared that it wasn't working. I'm still not getting any logging, but my redis cluster is automatically configuring (this is what I was using the hook for), so clearly it is working.
I am tagging this as resolved. If you aren't getting logs, could I ask you to file it as a GitHub issue?
Sure, I can do that @quaint-dress-831 . I will make a note to do it this week.