Issue Deploying on AWS
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Hey, I am having authentication issues deploying a garden project on AWS, I have followed the steps in the docs, but still having issues. See attached image. PS: using the demo start project. I am trying to write a guide on setting up garden in AWS as a detailed guide isn’t available yet as the doc says "Cluster creation & configuration guide coming soon!"
Hi Divine!! That's so cool you're working on this. Let me ping one of our SREs as I don't currently have access to an EKS cluster and we'll get you some help!
Thank you very much @quaint-dress-831. Looking forward to your feedback.
Hi @little-oxygen-47580 , could you share your (removing sensitive parts if they are there?) What looks like it could be the problem is the error message contains
as registry URL, but it should be something like
– how did you set up your ECR registry?e
Hey @big-spring-14945 thank you very much, the issue was with
I was able to get it to work after making the change, however, still getting an error on the
module. See attached
Hello, good evening @big-spring-14945 @quaint-dress-831 , would appreciate any help i can get thank you.
Hi @little-oxygen-47580 are you using AWS ECR for the Backend as well? Maybe you set up a repository on ECR for the backend, but not for the frontend? If that's not it I need more information on your set up to help. Here is some docs how to create a repository on ECR:
You'd need to make sure that the Garden project and your Kubernetes cluster are set up to be able to access these ECR repositories. More information about that is available at the place that you linked in the first question (
Hi @little-oxygen-47580 have you had a chance to take a look at Steffen's documentation? Would love to continue supporting you on this