Cannot get garden to exclude node_modules folder f...
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Here's a snippet from my helm module configuration:
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    - source: .
      target: /app
      exclude: [.vscode, .github, .husky, "node_modules", node_modules]
      mode: one-way-safe
the container module is in the root folder of a remote source repository. The node modules folder is in the root of that same repository. I get the following error in the container logs: System limit for number of file watchers reached The error then references many paths from the node_modules folder.
**Update**: I came across a Github issue where excluding the folder from the project garden file was suggested. That did not work for me either. As a workaround I simply increased the limit of file watchers on our GKE nodes.
Can you try and set an exclude rule at the project module level and at the devMode level?
in and under devMode
Thanks for answering! I will make the changes and see if it works.