buildkitd, util exec format error on ARM
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garden version: 0.13.30 kubernetes version: v1.28.8+k3s1 OS: macOS 14.4 (23E214) Arch: Apple Silicon I'm running
on a MacBook M3, and it appears that Garden is not compatible with Kubernetes clusters on ARM processors. I'm encountering an
exec format error
with the images for buildkitd, util, and default-backend. Upon checking Docker Hub, I noticed there are no
versions available. To support ARM-based Kubernetes clusters, it might be as straightforward as adjusting the pipeline for these repositories to also push arm64 images. Can I compile these images myself and configure them within Garden? Is that part of the setup configurable?
Hi @witty-pilot-66879 , you are correct we currently don't have these images as arm builds. We will discuss if that is something we want to add right away. In the meantime you could create a amd64 VM with multipass to run k3s on or use orbstack or rancher-desktop to run k3s locally. Do you have a hard dependency on running k3s on arm64?
Hi @freezing-pharmacist-34446, thanks for looking into the issue. I'm using multipass to run k3s already but since all our computing power are arm based eg, AppleSilicon and Supermicro NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip. I can easily say we have hard dependencies on arm64