Hi all, We are currently using [Paketo buildpacks](https://paketo.io/docs/) to build our Spring boot apps. It's basically a kind of "convention over configuration" builder. It provides a ["pack" CLI](https://buildpacks.io/docs/for-platform-operators/how-to/integrate-ci/pack/) and for example Tilt (which we previously used) provides an [extension](https://github.com/tilt-dev/tilt-extensions/blob/master/pack/README.md) for it. It means we have basically no configuration nor Dockerfile, and all we have in our CI/CD (gitlab) is this:
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  stage: build
  image: paketobuildpacks/builder-jammy-tiny:latest
    - /cnb/lifecycle/creator -app=. -tag=$IMAGE_TAG_LATEST $IMAGE_TAG_VERSION
What is the best approach to use it with Garden ? Edit: also, this issue is talking about a "spring boot hot reload" example, but the link leads to a 404. Where are the examples now?
Hi @acceptable-easter-34090, thanks for stopping by and using Garden! I'd like to know a bit more about your use case if that's ok with you. If you are trying to replicate the configuration you pasted above you can potentially wrap the script in an exec action and template the tag variables in it. But it's a bit difficult to suggest the best practices without knowing more about the other steps of the pipeline. E.g. Does the image get pushed to a registry? Where do you deploy? Are the tag variables known a priori or do you need to generate them? Let me know and I can see how we could craft a valid configuration for it. 🙂
Hi, I've played a bit with the garden configuration. It seems that an exec action is currently the only way to do this. The command I gave above is the only command of the build step. It compiles, build an image and push it to the registry (which is set in the image tag). The next stage of our CI/CD deploys this image to the k8s deployment. So that could work with exec action, but we have don't have the nice features of garden. Maybe we can use jib instead, we'll do some additional tests.